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Faith Christian Schools

Faith Christian Schools , founded by Dr. Charles R. Rogers, is currently comprised of  K-12 schools located in Liberia, West Africa. The  schools' mission is to offer a quality academic education with a Christian world view.  Public education in Liberia is severely challenged as a result of the recovery from two civil wars. Other challenges to Public education are restricted national finances (limiting the ability to pay teachers consistently or provide books or supplies), poor infrastructure, the recent ebola crisis and now Covid-19 pandemic. 


The difficult economic conditions often make it challenging for parents' to send their children to school. As a result, many children are working to help support their families.  Faith Christian Schools not only provides a quality education but also furnishes one nourishing meal a day for children and staff. 

We see a great need and a tremendous opportunity to prepare students at the (1) Charles and Fay Rogers American School Campus and (2) the Galilee American School Campus (soon to be opened) to become successful leaders who will impact their nation for Christ.  What a wonderful thing it would be, if a graduate from Faith Christian Schools became President of Liberia!


An investment in the lives of these students will benefit them now and later but is also an investment in eternity. Sowing into these young lives helps to preach the Gospel, reach the lost, and make disciples for Jesus Christ.

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Current Needs

There is a desperate need for transportation and (at a later date) to travel between both campuses. We have a used Nissan vehicle that is currently not running. 

It needs a new engine and four new tires which will cost approximately $3000.00 USD. 

Ongoing needs include food, school supplies, school furniture, Bibles, mosquito nets and building supplies. We also need sponsors for children's school fees and to provide one nutritious meal a day. It currently costs about $20 a month to sponsor a child.

If God is leading you to help in any way, you will certainly be a great blessing.

You can contribute to this effort by using the donate button above or by mail.

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